Project Summary

This project aims to strengthen applied theatre postgraduate education and research through course development, student and teacher exchange and by jointly addressing a thematic focus of investigation: contemporary and crucial issues of democracy in Norway and South Africa.

By this chosen focus, the project furthermore investigates theatre as humanistic education and arena for participant-driven communication and utterance. Through theatre education and research, which involves artists and creative practitioners in the field, the practice also builds knowledge and cultural agency for all participating members. These members include students, artists, participative audiences in cities and communities. The main activities are teaching theatre-based research methods, practical theatre interventions including thematic and aesthetic investigations and productions, progress evaluations  and public conferences.

The joint educational and research activities furthermore include visual and written production (publications); from students and from practitioner/academic collaborations; artist/researcher/supervisor/student.

The partners involved are students and teachers/supervisors/researchers from the arts-based research UTF-2017-four-year/10001 Page 12 (23) Draft - 12-Dec-2017 group at Drama/theatre, Department of Arts-and Media Studies at NTNU, Norway and from Drama For Life at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Also involved are selected artists and practitioners in the field associated with the academic partners. They provide sites for investigation and knowledge generation (research knowledge, participant’s knowledge). The partners expect to achieve strengthened applied theatre programs and strengthened resource centres of applied theatre practice-led research and research education, securing further international collaboration in mobility, education and research.

The partners invite applications of theatre that provide educational training, arenas for thematic and aesthetic investigations, as well as sites for democratic and post-democratic exploration.


Project Objectives and Goals

  •  Strengthened applied theatre programs at both participating institutions
  •  Further establishment and securement of applied theatre expertise at both institutions through long-term reciprocity and collaboration
  •  Building and implementation of 2 new PhD-courses (5ECTS) and applying 2 existing MA-courses (15ECTS) for long-term mobility exchange of student and teachers
  • ·Development of academic infrastructure; course structure and curriculum in applied theatre at both institutions
  •  Establishment and implementation of practice-led /arts based Ph.D research education
  • Development of long-term university-society collaboration at both institutions
  • Credit transfer for visiting students at both institutions
  •  9 students from NTNU to University of the Witwatersrand in 3 month stay
  • 9 students from University of the Witwatersrand to NTNU in 3 month stay
  •  Degree production of participating students
  •  Formal and informal skills upgrading for participating staff
  • Student interventions in society through work training and cultural investigations/facilitations
  •  Submission of one anthology and 6 joint reviewed journal publications  Development of theatre methods, performances and techniques in a democratic context
  •  Measured affects of theatre intervention in the democratic context


Bjørn Rasmussen


Petro Jansen van Vuuren

Warren Nebe